My work has two sides to it, so staying true to my roots as a Gemini, I'm giving you both sides of the coin. 

I am passionately in love with color. When I go to a garden to look at flowers, I put my nose right up at the center to see the subtle color changes that happened. I am always amazed at the combinations that Mother Nature comes up with. So for a long time I painted flowers. Then, as time progressed, instead of using the flowers as vessels for color, I decided to just focus on the color. I never know where the painting is going to lead, I start with one color that appeals to me in the moment and let the painting talk to me. They are fun and a joyous exploration of color. 

Okay, now for part 2 -

When I am working on these pieces, for me the shapes and colors evoke deep philosophical internal discussions. I think about how everything and everyone is connected. I see the ripple effect throwing stones in the water has in overlapping forms, just as everything we do has a ripple effect in our immediate surroundings and can expand further in ways we cannot fathom. The shapes and colors migrate depending upon the encounters in their paths. So, how do we approach life and it's challenges, with a hard edge or a soft one? Where is the balance and how do we negotiate it?

The search is endless, challenging and exciting. I welcome you to be part of my journey.